Only Republicans can stop Trump right now. History suggests they won’t.

Opinion from The Washington Post written by James Downie —

Tuesday’s firing of FBI Director James B. Comey is an alarming development in the months-long story of whether Russia has colluded with, influenced or attempted to influence Donald Trump or his presidential campaign. While Comey has been rightly criticized for his actions during the 2016 election, we suspect that wasn’t the real reason he was dismissed. Whether Comey was fired because he and the Russia investigation were on television too much — “because of television coverage” is always a plausible reason for any Trump action — or because of something more sinister, the fact remains that the president fired the person in charge of an investigation involving the president. Whatever independence the investigation had has been gutted. As of Wednesday, only Republicans can restore it — and history suggests that they won’t.

Recent history also justifies fears that Republicans will not stand up to Trump. Flake, McCain, Sasse and other senators have all clashed publicly with the president before. But those are just words, and talk is cheap. With the occasional exception when Republicans have been able to spare one or two votes, GOP senators have marched in lockstep with the Trump White House. McCain in particular has continued his years-long pattern of tut-tutting Republican leaders and then voting with his party anyway.

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