Republicans who are complicit in Trump’s abuse of power will soon have a big problem

From The Washington Post — Opinion written by Greg Sargent —

A few Republican senators heroically ventured on to the Sunday shows to profess deep concern about President Trump’s abrupt firing of the man overseeing the investigation into the small matter of whether his campaign colluded with a foreign power to undermine our democracy. Meanwhile, the New York Times assures us that GOP senators are “increasingly unnerved” by Trump’s “volatility” and are “starting to show signs of breaking away from him.”

That’s nice. But until GOP lawmakers support a full and independent probe into the Russia affair — not to mention real oversight of all the other ways in which Trump is shredding our democratic norms — they are essentially complicit in his ongoing abuses of power. Can this go on forever?

Maybe not. Here’s why: ABC News is now reporting that associates of the fired former FBI director, James B. Comey, say he wants to testify publicly before Congress, and the Senate Intelligence Committee — which is probing the Russia story — seems like the right venue. Among other things, Comey will almost certainly address explosive but disputed reports over whether Trump demanded loyalty from him during a private dinner in January, as Comey’s associates have claimed.

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