Trump’s loyalists will never care about his abuses of power

From The Washington Monthly — Written by D.R. Tucker —

No matter what Donald Trump says, how he acts, or who he fires, there will always be a good 45 percent of the electorate that will never give a damn, and will be right in line on November 3, 2020 ready and raring to re-elect him.

If brainwashing voters constituted a federal offense, Rupert Murdoch, Roger Ailes and Rush Limbaugh would be in a Supermax prison right now. It was their actions that broke this country, and made it possible for Trump to seize the White House. Yes, bigotry in American politics existed long before these individuals–the Three Horsemen of American democracy’s apocalypse–were born. However, Murdoch, Ailes and Limbaugh harnessed that bigotry, refined it, gave it an energy and force unprecedented in modern American history…and cleared a path for a madman.

Their loyalty is unshakable. Democrats and progressives must face that harsh truth. Remember, these same folks weren’t always thrilled with George W. Bush in his first term…but how many of them abandoned Dubya for John Kerry in 2004?

The raw reality is that these folks have been led to hate everything the Democratic Party stands for. They never would have crossed the aisle to vote for Bernie Sanders had the Vermont Senator secured the Democratic presidential nomination last year.

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