It’s time to start talking about Trump’s mental health

From The Week — Written by Ryan Cooper —

For many Americans, one of the defining features of the Trump presidency is checking the news after a couple hours offline and finding out that you’ve missed some jaw-dropping story of insane, reckless, and/or idiotic behavior from our nation’s 45th president. On Monday, it was the Washington Post scoop that President Trump had shared highly classified intelligence about ISIS with the Russian ambassador and foreign minister — potentially compromising delicate intelligence-sharing arrangements, and raising the possibility that the Russians would be able to reverse-engineer the source.

National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster gave a carefully-worded non-denial trying to dispute the story, but Trump himself stepped all over that on Twitter Tuesday morning, boorishly admitting he had done it and trying to justify himself.

It’s time to start talking about President Trump’s mental health.

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