The experts were right: Trump isn’t fit to be president

From The Washington Post — Opinion written by Anne Applebaum — Image courtesy of Saul Loeb/Agence France-Presse via Getty Images

Look at where we are: Last week, President Trump impulsively fired his FBI director, apparently on the grounds that he didn’t like the FBI’s investigation into his election campaign’s possible collaboration with Russia and apparently unaware that this might constitute obstruction of justice. The following day, he agreed to meet the Russian foreign minister in the Oval Office, a major concession to the Russian president, though he and his staff don’t appear to have been aware that this was the case. He and his staff also allowed Russian journalists carrying cameras into the Oval Office, although the U.S. press was barred. They apparently did not think about whether the cameras might contain recording devices and were surprised when the Russian state news agency published photographs afterward.

It is not at all surprising to learn that — during a conversation that shouldn’t have been happening, one that was photographed by a Russian journalist who shouldn’t have been there — the president revealed details of an ongoing intelligence operation. It happened because the president is a braggart who wanted to show off his access to “great intel” and to impress his important guests.

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