Report: Possibly fake Russian document affected FBI’s investigation into Clinton

From CBS News

A disputed Russian intelligence document obtained by the FBI during the 2016 election influenced the Bureau’s then-director, James Comey, to personally announce the end of the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email server last summer, the Washington Post reports. The existence of the document has been confirmed by CBS News.

Comey’s July 2016 announcement that the FBI would not recommend that charges be brought against Clinton while still criticizing her for maintaining a private email server was characterized as unprecedented at the time. Typically, when an FBI investigation ends without charges, the Bureau and the Department of Justice (DOJ) do not comment on the matter.

But Comey felt that it was best for him to personally explain the Bureau’s reasoning to reporters. And part of the reason for that decision, current and former officials told the Post, is the existence of a document alleging that then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch had assured the Clinton campaign that she would limit how far the FBI investigation into the email server went.

The FBI, however, deemed the document — supposedly an analysis conducted by Russian intelligence — to be bad intelligence. The Americans mentioned in the document insisted they did not know each other and had never spoken, and there was no evidence to back up its veracity. The person who had supplied the document, officials told the Post, had provided intelligence in the past that the Bureau could not corroborate.

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