Trump experiences life through the windshield of a golf cart

From The Washington Post — Written by Catherine Rampell — Image courtesy of Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

Last week, at the Group of Seven meetings, the leaders of Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy and Japan together walked the streets of Taormina, Italy, to a photo op about 700 yards away.

President Trump, the healthiest man ever elected president (or so his doctor assured us), followed in a golf cart.

Maybe this decision was not about being out of shape, or conserving his finite lifetime supply of energy, or snubbing his international counterparts. Maybe he was just homesick for his natural habitat: a golf course.

Trump clearly prefers to experience life through the windshield of a golf cart. Once you understand that, his policy agenda and worldview make a lot more sense.

If Trump’s venture into politics has proven anything, it’s this: So long as he’s sufficiently entertaining, the public will accept any lie he claims.

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