The threat Trump poses that gets almost no attention

The Washington Post — Written by Catherine Rampell

Bradley Ledgerwood, 36, is a proud Republican and an enthusiastic fan of President Trump.

He’s also on a fast track to becoming one of Trump’s fabled Forgotten Men.

Ledgerwood has been enamored with politics all his life. An active member of the Craighead County Republican Committee and the Northeast Arkansas Political Animals lunch club, he serves as an alderman for 342-person Cash, Ark.

Profoundly physically disabled, Ledgerwood participates in these activities only through the help of two government-funded programs that are now on the chopping block: Medicaid and legal aid.

You’ve no doubt heard lots about threats to the first of these, given Republican efforts to wring $800 billion from the federal low-income health insurance program. The second has received almost no attention, despite facing an existential threat from both the president and House Republicans.

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