Paul Ryan is choking on his own mystery meat

Paul Ryan is choking on his own mystery meat

The New York Times
By Paul Krugman

House Republicans were supposed to unveil their tax proposal today, but it has been put off — and not, as you might imagine, because they’re a bit worried that their grand opening might be overshadowed by the indictment of Trump’s campaign manager and sworn testimony of collusion between campaign officials and Russia.

No, they’re delaying because on the verge of trying to pass a huge change in the U.S. tax system, they still haven’t settled on key parts of the proposal — specifically, how to pay for huge corporate tax cuts and large cuts to wealthy individuals.

But wait — how is this possible? Republicans, and specifically Paul Ryan, the speaker of the House, have been talking about tax “reform” and putting out white papers for years — actually, since 2010. How can basic things be up in the air at this late date?

The answer, of course, is that Ryan and friends have been faking it all these years.

So will the GOP pass something? Probably — but it’s more likely to be a miniature Christmas tree of handouts to the wealthy than the grand tax reform they’ve been promising.

And let’s hope that whatever happens gets reported as the failure it is. Ryan and company promised big stuff, but never had any way to deliver. When it comes to big lies, Donald Trump is actually a very good, very normal Republican.

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