How to streamline the photos cluttering your phone

How to streamline the photos cluttering your phone

The Wall Street Journal
By Sara Clemence

Every photo shot during a typical Gen-Xer’s childhood could probably fit in one thick album—a real album, the kind with gold-leaf embossing, “magnetic pages” and misaligned rings.

Now those Gen-Xers are snapping thousands of photos of their (debatably) cute kids on smartphones each year. It’s instant, it’s easy, it’s cheap—no film to buy or develop, no need for space in dusty shoeboxes or drawers.

But the torrent of images flooding devices creates new challenges. How do we manage the data clutter? “It’s a universal problem,” sighed New York-based professional photographer John Dolan. “It’s the unbearable lightness of digital.”

Tech companies have made it simple, and often inexpensive, to shove pics onto cloud servers, turning us all into digital hoarders. But an endless scroll of shame still hides neatly in pockets and purses until we struggle with dwindling smartphone memory or have to flip through countless crummy shots to find the one where everyone is smiling. Wait, no, I was looking for another one. One sec.

Methodically organizing and editing your photo library is a tall task, but it means less scrolling, less used storage and more time enjoying images worthy of attention.

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