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The quiet power of Android’s custom launchers

From Computerworld and written by JR Raphael —

If you are the usual Android user, you probably don’t make many changes to your device aside from loading your favorite apps.

But some people love tinkering with their device to find out what it can really do,

The first thing most “tinkerers” do to their Android device is to change the launcher. The launcher is the framework of any home screen — and the home screen, as our iPhone-toting pals are slowly but surely learning, is so much more than a mere grid for icons.

A launcher can change the way you interact with your device. It can make your life simpler. It can make it easier for you to access the items you need — making pertinent info available at a glance or with a quick tap, swipe, or pinch in just the right spot. That’s valuable if you’re using your device for business, using it for pleasure, or using it for some combination of the two. And you sure as heck don’t have to be a power user to appreciate it.

Find out how a new launcher for your Android device can let you get more from that device.