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Hillary Clinton, smash your rearview mirror

From The Washington Post — Written by Ruth Marcus — Image courtesy of Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Well, Hillary Clinton isn’t going gently. That may be understandable, but it’s not smart — not for Clinton, not for her party and not for other female candidates.

Clinton has emerged in recent weeks, and this version is Hillary Unbound, no words minced, no target spared — except, for the most part, herself. So there was Clinton at a Recode conference, not merely relitigating the 2016 election but relitigating it like the relentless trial lawyer she once was.

For her electoral college loss, Clinton variously blamed: the Russians, probably in cahoots with the Trump campaign; the media, for turning her use of a private email server — “the biggest nothing-burger ever” — into “Pearl Harbor”; the James B. Comey letter; misogyny, as in the “unfairly used” fact of her six-figure speeches to Goldman Sachs when “men got paid for the speeches they made”; voter suppression; “unaccountable money flowing in against me”; inheriting a “bankrupt” Democratic National Committee, whose “data was mediocre to poor, nonexistent, wrong”; being “the victim of a very broad assumption I was going to win”; and misogyny, again, as in people who are “much more skeptical and critical of somebody who doesn’t look like and talk like and sound like everybody else who’s been president.”

Clinton incanted the ritual words of taking responsibility, if without much conviction. The private server “was a mistake,” even though it was “something that others had done before.” She “never said I was a perfect candidate, and I certainly have never said I ran perfect campaigns, but I don’t know who is or did.” In other words, sorry, not sorry.